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Boring TikTok, Facebook Launches Instagram Reels App

Boring TikTok, Facebook Launches Instagram Reels App

A number of internet users today are very familiar with the TikTok application. Well, this one application presents a very varied short video. Almost all circles in the modern era have an official account. So they can upload and download video content that is considered to provide entertainment.

But recently

, some say that TikTok looks quite boring. Because there are still no new features that can be offered. This attracted the attention of Facebook as Instagram’s parent, they also found a new breakthrough to launch Instagram Reels. Interestingly, this application will be presented for the first time in Indonesia.

What are Instagram Reels?
Instagram Reels is not much different from TikTok, this one video content will appear better and have a fairly short duration of 15 seconds. Uniquely, users can share Stories, Explore Feeds to the latest Reels tab with each other. On the other hand, users also watch videos from other people’s accounts and trending content.

What About TikTok?
TikTok is still quite long in presenting video content. It is known that the video posted is 60 seconds long. However, it still pays creators to provide videos. While Facebook does not do that. According to Instagram’s head of product, Vishal Shah, Instagram Reels will be much better than TikTok. Because there will be a mix of content that will be present to enliven a variety of entertainment.

Because Market Share
Facebook had another reason to release Instagram Reels. Where they see that the popularity of TikTok is increasing day by day

, this will make the party’s income much larger. In the end, Facebook explored market share to strengthen its advertising network. Indonesia is the strongest fan of the Instagram and TikTok applications. No wonder they want to present their latest work to strengthen the financial side.

Instagram Reels Video Making
In the process of creating Instagram Reels videos, users only need to do a few important things. Where Facebook has set it to look simpler than using TikTok. Later users just access the menu to get the video icon. Later there are a number of features ranging from Audio, Speed, Effects and Timer. So users just make the latest work with a variety of variations. All the elements offered are believed to exceed the achievements of TikTok.

Many Creators Are Born
TikTok itself has received millions of creators from various countries. But the emergence of Instagram Reels will bring more creators. Because the method of making videos is fairly easy, it makes them more interested in posting all kinds of content. This is evidenced by the photographer from Paris, Janelle Sweeney. Where he has increased in the number of fans thanks to various uploads. Some people believe that the emergence of Instagram Reels will have a big impact on the world of entertainment in the future.

Latest Features
In early 2016, Instagram, which at that time had the Stories feature, was able to attract 150 million users. And until this year, the number of users exceeded the targeted number of 500 million users. Uniquely, they never forget to upload content every day.

Instagram Reels is also believed to provide some of the most unique and interesting features. It could be that some online soccer gambling players will also enliven and show off their winning videos to motivate potential new players. And another positive side since the emergence of these features is able to increase Facebook revenue.

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